4 different drinks to target 4 different body parts for weight loss

01/54 different drinks to target 4 different body parts for weight loss

Inspite of a good workout routine or practicing a diet diligently, there are some body parts which are adamant to shed weight. Your body might be losing weight but your arms aren’t, your legs are toning up but your belly is still out. Such scenarios are common once you start working out.

In order to streamline the process and make all your body parts shed weight equally, here are some weight loss drinks to target different body parts.

02/5Lemon ajwain water for belly fat

Lemon water is a tested and proven drink for weight loss since time immemorial. It is not only pleasing in taste but also boosts the metabolism of the body. To power up the drink all you need is some ajwain. Soak 1-2 tablespoons of ajwain in water and leave it overnight. The next morning, mix it well and add lemon to it. You can also add honey to enhance the flavor. Packed with antioxidants, this drink will help in melting your belly fat in no time.

03/5Black tea for lower body fat

Black tea is another wonder drink if you want to get rid of your lower body fat. A study conducted with 2,734 women found that those with higher intakes of flavonoid-rich foods and beverages like black tea had significantly lower body fat and belly fat than women who consumed less dietary flavonoids.

04/5Grapefruit juice for arm fat

Exercising for a month now and your arm flab is refusing to go? Well grapefruit is here for the rescue. Drinking grapefruit juice after a workout session speeds up the process of burining arm fat. Researchers at Vanderbilt University found that those who drank half cup of grapefruit juice before meals, lost more weight than those who drank water. Thus, add grapefruit to your diet in order to get rid of your arm fat.

05/5Melon juice for face fat

Having a layer of fat deposited under the chin which refuses to go away can be very irritating. In order to get rid of your double chin, here is a detox drink which will you. Just grind some melon pieces in a grinder and pour it in a glass. Avoid straining the juice. Melon juice helps in flushing out the toxins present in the body and will also target your face fat. You can also add almond pieces to your drink as they help in maintaining the elasticity of the face.